While the FFL to load commercially is new, I have been building high quality ammunition for my own use for many years. I have been competing in shooting sports since 1991. Everything from IPSC & IDPA, to 3 gun, to precision/tactical, and F-class. 2006 I finished 9th F-open at US F-class National Championships, 2007 I finished 4th F-open. Due to a job change I have been unable to compete at USFCNC from 2008 through 2011. I expect to be back at USFCNC in 2012 and to make several precision/tactical matches during 2012. In short, McCourt Munitions specializes in your specialty so you don’t ave to worry about your ammunition performing as needed.

308 Match ammunition is available for factory barreled, longer lead chambers and for custom barreled, shorter lead chambers. Factory barreled rifles such as FN SPR, AI AE/AW, Rem 700 PSS/5R, or Win 70 HBV/Stealth benefit from our load optimized for longer lead chambers.

Running a GAP, Spartan, KMW, Score High, or other custom built 308? McCourt Munitions offers loaded ammunition that is optimized around the shorter lead found in these custom built rifles.

McCourt Munitions 260 Remington ammunition is offered in several configurations, depending on reamer used to chamber barrel. E-mail or PM me so we can get you ammunition that has been optimized for the chamber in your rifle.

McCourt Munitions also offers custom loads, tailored exactly to your rifle. Contact me for details on this service.

Are you looking for a way to keep your rifle ammunition costs down? McCourt Munitions will reload your fired brass. Some restrictions apply, contact me for details.

Contact Mccourt Muntions at sales@mccourtmunitionsllc.com for pricing and availably of ammo.

Current off the shelf ammo available
Caliber Description
223 For factory 9 twist bolt action rifles.
223 77gr for AR&39;s with NATO, Wylde, or CLE chamber. (3 powder loads available)
223 69gr for AR&39;s with NATO, Wylde, or CLE chamber. (3 powder loads available)
308 175gr SMK for GAP-10 riffles.
308 178gr Amax for factory chambers.
308 With Berger for on the move GAP chambers or HSP / Surgeon chambers.